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Educated Angst

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
10:27 am - God Hates Fags (PEO) People, Society
1899 Someone from my other lj brought this website to my attention:


As you all know, it's now legal to marry someone of the same sex in MA. And that's all it is. There is no REPENT! THE END IS REALLY FUCKING NIGH situation. I am extremely happy for all of us, really, and not just those getting married today. Someone on the radio was rejoicing and you could hear them say, "We are closer to the country we want our daughter to live in." And I sat back for a moment and thought, yes... I want my kids to grow up in an accepting country, too. But is it possible that we are perhaps going backwards in order to move forward?

The more activists are working on changing the world, the more ruffled the world is getting. It would be wonderful if all of us could be born with a blind acceptance for good, and a knowledge of what is wrong, regardless of our morals. This is wrong:

But we are born as blank slates, and drawn upon by our surroundings. I do not believe we can accomplish anything other than pissing the current generation off, and the more we do, the worse it becomes for us. I've never witnessed a mindset conversion, and so I think they are impossible. You can't sit down with someone who, for the past 30 years, has been taught to believe homosexuality is wrong and disgusting, and show him or her facts and figures and stories and expect them to leave with a new appreciation for sodomy. It just isn't ever going to happen.

Imagine if you were in their shoes. Activists are as convinced of their ideals as these conservatives are, and we can't hold it against either of them. I'm just afraid that all this effort to make homosexuality more accepted is going to temporarily make things very difficult for everybody not directly involved with the cause, and worse for those who are.

Sigh. I dunno.

I was talking about this with my aunt earlier and she said that if they do something like that in NY, she's going to "go to court" and see if she and my mother can get the same rights, as they are "life partners", but not in a legally recognized sense (other than being sisters). For instance, my aunt can't be added to my mother's health insurance plan, etc etc. So my aunt thinks it's wonderful for homosexuals to be able to wed because of the financial security they'll now have in the eyes of the law. Morally, she is against it, but she is accepting. It is none of her business, she says. I wish more people were like that.

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Friday, April 30th, 2004
10:37 pm - Anger is the Healthiest Emotion (PEO) People, Society
1899 Agree with me?
Disagree with me?
Explain for me.

An attempt at discourse:

i'm not sure whether i agree or disagree with the anger thing. anger as a pure emotion and when it's expressed like it should is extremely healthy. but in today's world more often than not people don't admit that they're angry or what the true object of their anger is =/ i think that's why we get kids shooting up their schools, cause anger is not properly dealt with in our society

(this is going to be very brief and poorly organized- the beginnings of a longer train of thought)

Pent up anger isn't the cause of all the issues. Sure, in some cases an idiot with a gun will finally blow his own top and go nuts, but the real problem is when the littlest thing makes otherwise normal people go bezerkers. I mean, people do crazy shit every day like... I dunno, shoot the mailman because he delivered a hefty bill (just an example here, I hope that isn't true). But on second thought, is this even a problem? I mean, we don't consider it a problem to do other equally stupid things, and why? I'm not even going to list what they are in my opinion because the key concept here is: OPINION. It varies, it changes, it depends on too many factors. It's not my job to break these down.

Now, in the long run, in the "big picture", political coups and religious crusades and territorial battles are THE fuel for every good deed done by society. If we create something, it's because something else is destroyed. We overcompensate for the lack of one emotion by grasping on to another. Etc, etc, and etc.

Let's fight, let's kill, let's mutilate and humiliate and die because it gives our existance meaning. Think about it. I mean please, seriously, sit down and think about how it all works so damn well. Like a well oiled machine.

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
7:09 pm - Did NYS Parents All Take the Short Bus?

This, in my mind at least, is an interesting example of journalistic reporting, because, well, basically I’ve done very little research beyond listening to the news and reading the papers from time to time. I’ve got my facts down pretty well in my mind but I can’t remember where I got all of them. Just assume that this is all based on reading the Daily News, the New York Times, and The Rockland Journal News between April 14th and April 20th, and listening to CBS Radio 880 between April 18th and 20th.

The New York State public school system needs a to be changed—and not in terms of getting more money—the people who run the assorted boards and councils in charge of the assorted school districts need to be repeatedly kicked in the nuts and/or ovaries, and the parents of kids in these regions need to be firebombed out of their homes and have their children castrated.

I attended public school in New York State for 12 years, on and off. I was one of those relatively poor kids who’s parents were divorced and I wound up living with the one who was just inches above the poverty level rather than the one bringing in several dozen thousands of dollars a year. By circumstance of location, I was assigned to attend the Junior and High Schools of the extremely wealthy and the almost extremely wealthy regions, respectively.

While I didn’t exactly pay attention to it, my schools were constantly getting seemingly pointless upgrades to computers and television studios and auditoriums every couple of years. In hindsight, there were a lot of them. Hell, there were upgrades that weren’t even used—for example, every classroom in the High School where I went has the capability for a teacher to hook up a computer to a digital projector and use animated graphics and presentations to instruct with. Do they? No. Are the teachers aware of this ability? Not the ones I’d spoken to before writing this.

And now, for the research!

According to my sources, 98% of New York State residents who are parents of children in the public school system believe that their school districts are underfunded. According to these same sources, 6 of the 10 richest counties in the United States are in New York State.

Put two and two together and what do you get? Self-serving, deceptively undermining, and ridiculously offensive bullshit.

I’ve been around the country a few times, and I’ve been to others. I’ve gone to school in some of those countries. I’ve attended technical and public colleges in other states. And my opinion is this—the New York schools are better funded, have better facilities, and are more able to actually teach kids things without distractions such as water dripping down from the ceiling or setbacks like 10-year-old computers that crash when more than one application is run. If what I’ve seen from the schools I’ve personally attended in New York—and the one’s I’ve visited on extracurricular visits—is supposed to be “underfunded” and “in desperate need of upgrades,” then I would think that the out-of-state and out-of-country schools I’ve seen in places like Canada, England, Brazil, and Australia, or New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexico, Virginia, Massachusetts and Florida would be transporting their students to class via teleportation or flying school buses powered by Harrier engines.

But, fuck me, they’re aren’t, and for some magical reason, teachers in New York State schools have more technology than they know what to do with or are even aware of, and students have sanitary, up-to-date learning facilities and have new editions of texts every two years or so.

Attention parents of New York State public school students: Shut the fuck up with your greedy sentiments and ask for reduced funding so that NYS can donate to the national or international education funds to help other people’s kids out. Because, let me tell you, your kids don’t deserve much more than what they’ve already got, and the rest of the nation’s kids deserve a lot better than what they have to deal with.

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Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
5:41 pm - Love (PEO)

Love is not at all what most people feel it ought to be. Not real love.

If you say you love someone, then you have to agree that you’d be willing to sacrifice anything—including your relationship with said person—in order to improve either themselves personally or their life, or perhaps even just the way that they live it.

Any other perspective is simply an indication of insecurity or denial. If you really love someone, then you absolutely must do what is right and do what you can to help them in even the most intangible, philosophical ways.

Love is an act of sacrifice, of giving, and purely of giving. What you get back should be, at the core of all other things, a feeling of vindication for having done the right thing for them. Not the right thing by them, but the right thing for them. There is a difference, and it’s less subtle than you’d think.

And, again, losing them is a risk you must take if you truly love them. Because, even if it’s not immediate, they should at some point realize that helping them was your motivation for whatever it is that the split was over.

In a perfect world, someone would see that as soon as any such action was taken, and be appreciative of it. Realistically though, people see only what they need to see at the time, and take action based on that, in addition to exterior influences.

“The right thing” is not arbitrary, “the right thing” is your gut feeling, your “soul” telling you that something’s wrong and needs to be fixed. If you truly love someone, you’ll figure out what that thing is and how you can go about best fixing it.

If you won’t take action based on what your gut’s telling you, then you really don’t love someone. “Love” is not a term I take lightly, and the same should be the same for everyone.

The concept of a soulmate, by the way, is pure crap. There is always someone better, more loving, more compatible or more understanding of the true concept of love than the person you have right this instant. Taking the risk of ending a relationship to improve the life of the other partner in it is well worth it if things work out positively, and if they work out negatively, well frankly there is someone else, somewhere. Take steps to find them, and learn from the past.

There is nothing wrong with doing the right thing. No matter what the risk is, it has to be done. The feeling of selflessness is much more reassuring than the feeling garnered by silently accepting bad situations because doing so brings you some sense of security.

If you can’t accept that, then you’re deluding yourself. The world is not a place of constants. If you can help improve someone else’s life in even the smallest, truest way, then you should be happy.

Keep in mind that there are some people who would argue that they do everything they can to keep their partners contented, but that’s not what I’m saying. Not every good thing you can do for your partner will actually make them happy—but it will make you happy for having made the attempt to help them.

Regardless of whether or not the targeted individual realizes they need what you want to do for them, you should do it. It might piss them off, but it’s an act of real love. Inaction is proof of moral weakness on your part when it comes to someone you love.

Do what you can to help improve the person you love’s life. If it was “meant to be,” then they will see that you’ve done so and come to love you more… and hopefully they will do the same for you. If they don’t see it, and are displeased by what action you’ve tried to take, then so be it. It wasn’t meant to be. They don’t understand the true concept of love, and you are better off without them.

Keep at it until you find someone that does appreciate and acknowledge what you do for them. Maybe you never will, but at least you will be able to look back and say that you genuinely tried to find real love, and you’ll take pride in the fact that you didn’t settle for Love Lite.

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5:09 pm - Debate, you skanks! (X)

Alright, the first debate is gonna be a weird one, and personally, I won't be budging on it--but that's why we have other mods. Dur.

Should we allow people younger than 18 years old into this group?

Post your reasons for thinking yes or no as notes below. I'll throw in my two cents fairly soon.

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Monday, March 29th, 2004
6:59 pm - Ahoy, avast, and other such utterances.

Welcome to Educated Angst. Posting will begin shortly. Be afraid.

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