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Educated Angst

Where the bitter congregate.

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Educated Angst is... exactly that. We're the embodiment of bitterness. We are looking to read your unhealthy epitomes, hear your unpopular opinions, absorb it all and then stare you in the face and tell you why you're wrong.

The moderators of this community, thecorinthian2 and McLongbaugh, are both based in Rockland County, NY. We are looking for people to join us from the Southern NY and Northern NJ regions for one specific purpose--this is an opinions community. One where some very strong opinions are going to be expressed. And we want you to be courageous enough to express those opinions in person, at our prescheduled, monthly midnight meetings at diners in and around Rockland County.

We have some rules. Some are "hard rules," some are "soft." Not following the soft rules is generally excusable. Not following the hard rules is grounds for immediate removal from the group.

Hard rules:
1. Anything that's said in this community, stays in this community. Don't harass people on their personal journals, don't contact them in any way about it outside of the community responses or at the midnight meetings.

2. Do not get in touch with other members of the community outside of it (via chat applications, email, etc.) without their express, written permission.

3. Anything written in this journal by members is property of the members in question. Do not repeat it elsewhere without express written permission from the relevent persons.

4. If you quote something, quote it. Don't paraphrase it if you can help it, seriously. Sit down and find the exact quote, use it verbatim, and then document where you found the quote. If you want to prove a point, then prove where and how you got the information you want to use to help prove it.

5. No extraneous crap, for lack of better terms. This means, don't post quiz results, pictures, links without giving reasons. No information about your personal life unless it's really relevent to the post you're making.

6. If you find that another member is harassing you, report it to one of the moderators, along with substantial proof of said harassment. Harassment is grounds for immediate banning from the community.

7. No discussions about the use of recreational drugs.

8. You must be a resident of southern New York or Northern NJ.

9. The mods can and will kick your ass if you get snarky.

Soft rules:
1. Show up to at least every other midnight meeting. If for some reason you can't, leave a note on the attendance threads. And if you can come, do the same so we know how many seats to reserve.

2. Topic titles should include a little note to indicate what the overall jist of the article is. So a Political rant would be titled like, "John Kerry is a Dickwad, Here's Why. (POL)," and a post to schedule a meeting would be "Meeting on October 12th at Midnight (MP)." The following is a somewhat-frequently updated list of the kind of indicators we'd use:
- (LIT) Literature
- (MED) Newsmedia
- (MP) Meeting Planning*
- (MOV) Movies
- (PEO) People, Society
- (POL) Politics
- (SCI) Science
- (TEC) Technology
- (X) Extraneous*

We'll add indicators as new topic types come up.

* Only moderators can make these posts. If anyone else does it, the post will be deleted.

3. If your post is over 3 paragraphs in length, demonstrate your mastery of the lj-cut technique.

4. Use proper grammer and punctuation. Or we'll kill you.

5. No more than 2 posts a day if you aren't a moderator. And please don't repeat yourselves with your posts.

Okay, so you still want to join?

Sit down and think about yourself. How do you feel about life? Do you think you can honestly defend your opinion on something with vigor? Do you have the courage--and at the same time, the self-control--to it in person, and not behind the veil of anonyminity that the internet gives you?

Now ask yourself these things: Are you embittered? Are you smart? Do people hate your opinions? Are you literate? Can you put up with people smoking? Do you write with a reasonable amount of skill?

Does the way that the world is bother you?

If the vast majority of your answers was "Yes," then go to the next step. If not, go away.

Here's what you do: You contact one of the moderators, and they'll give you an email address. You prove you live in NY or NJ and that you're 18+. You send them your opinion on something current.

After that, you'll either be made a member of the group by the end of the day and emailed to tell you so, or... you won't.

But don't worry, we won't necessarily disallow your membership simply because we don't agree with your opinion on your topic of choice in that email, and we expect that not allowing applicants into the group will be a very rare occurance.

Alright. So, if you haven't joined us, do so. And if you have joined us, then what the hell are you still doing looking at this? Get back to writing, slave!