Parker (thecorinthian2) wrote in educated_angst,

Debate, you skanks! (X)

Alright, the first debate is gonna be a weird one, and personally, I won't be budging on it--but that's why we have other mods. Dur.

Should we allow people younger than 18 years old into this group?

Post your reasons for thinking yes or no as notes below. I'll throw in my two cents fairly soon.
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Personally, I think that the bar for allowing people into the group isn't one we can really judge solely on age. Now, I know that not everyone who is over 18 is automatically allowed in, but I'm wondering if it's possible that we might be excluding valid individuals with this specific rule.
I second that, or something.
Why I feel that this should stand as a general rule:

- People that are in high school tend to think they know everything. As we've gotten older, we've become more accepting of the fact that we don't.

- It is currently NYS and NJ law that no persons under 18 can drive after midnight. Since our in-person meetings would START at midnight, this would be a problem for them getting and leaving them. I really do not want to have to deal with parents and curfews as co-leader of this.

- When you're of "college age" or older, you're overall more likely to have met a wider variety of people and have had many more experiences than someone younger than yourself. These interactions and experiences are very important to the creation of opinions. Lacking interaction and experience is a serious issue when it comes to making a valid argument.

- There's generally a lot less responsibility for persons younger than 18, and we'd rather converse with people who are of the same mind as us or have at least had similar real-life experiences--such as struggling to pay bills and survive, rather than struggling to get a 4-page-essay done.

If we made it a "soft rule," and we would grill the younger applicants a lot harder than the older ones before joining, it might work out.
Come on Alexmaisey.

- No one I know doesn't think he/she knows everything. Present company not excluded. Plus wouldn't someone more strongly opinionated be more fun to debate?

- Those stupid provisional license laws are only enforced near Dunkin Donuts on slow crime nights (Where I live that's about every night, but if you drive normally and don't blast music or look at meteors or moon members of Rydia out your window you should be fine).

- I am "college age" and my school is predominantly rich white kids from NJ not unlike the ones at my high school. That doesn't stop me from having opinions. Or disagreeing with most of what you say.

- I have no responsibilities. I don't even have a job anymore unfortunately. Hmm why am I making it sound like my opinion doesn't count. What I mean to say is lots of people over 18 are stupid and lots of people under 18 are smart. There shouldn't be an age limit.

g2g write my 4-page paper bye.
Yea, hello? We aren't that much older than your average high school senior. So fuck the bar. If someone gets snarky, you boys can just kick his/her ass. Until then, please get rid of this rule.
I like your new rule.
Ass-kicking...I am pro this ass-kicking rule...