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Someone from my other lj brought this website to my attention:


As you all know, it's now legal to marry someone of the same sex in MA. And that's all it is. There is no REPENT! THE END IS REALLY FUCKING NIGH situation. I am extremely happy for all of us, really, and not just those getting married today. Someone on the radio was rejoicing and you could hear them say, "We are closer to the country we want our daughter to live in." And I sat back for a moment and thought, yes... I want my kids to grow up in an accepting country, too. But is it possible that we are perhaps going backwards in order to move forward?

The more activists are working on changing the world, the more ruffled the world is getting. It would be wonderful if all of us could be born with a blind acceptance for good, and a knowledge of what is wrong, regardless of our morals. This is wrong:

But we are born as blank slates, and drawn upon by our surroundings. I do not believe we can accomplish anything other than pissing the current generation off, and the more we do, the worse it becomes for us. I've never witnessed a mindset conversion, and so I think they are impossible. You can't sit down with someone who, for the past 30 years, has been taught to believe homosexuality is wrong and disgusting, and show him or her facts and figures and stories and expect them to leave with a new appreciation for sodomy. It just isn't ever going to happen.

Imagine if you were in their shoes. Activists are as convinced of their ideals as these conservatives are, and we can't hold it against either of them. I'm just afraid that all this effort to make homosexuality more accepted is going to temporarily make things very difficult for everybody not directly involved with the cause, and worse for those who are.

Sigh. I dunno.

I was talking about this with my aunt earlier and she said that if they do something like that in NY, she's going to "go to court" and see if she and my mother can get the same rights, as they are "life partners", but not in a legally recognized sense (other than being sisters). For instance, my aunt can't be added to my mother's health insurance plan, etc etc. So my aunt thinks it's wonderful for homosexuals to be able to wed because of the financial security they'll now have in the eyes of the law. Morally, she is against it, but she is accepting. It is none of her business, she says. I wish more people were like that.

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