Easy Virtue (1899) wrote in educated_angst,
Easy Virtue

Anger is the Healthiest Emotion (PEO) People, Society

Agree with me?
Disagree with me?
Explain for me.

An attempt at discourse:

i'm not sure whether i agree or disagree with the anger thing. anger as a pure emotion and when it's expressed like it should is extremely healthy. but in today's world more often than not people don't admit that they're angry or what the true object of their anger is =/ i think that's why we get kids shooting up their schools, cause anger is not properly dealt with in our society

(this is going to be very brief and poorly organized- the beginnings of a longer train of thought)

Pent up anger isn't the cause of all the issues. Sure, in some cases an idiot with a gun will finally blow his own top and go nuts, but the real problem is when the littlest thing makes otherwise normal people go bezerkers. I mean, people do crazy shit every day like... I dunno, shoot the mailman because he delivered a hefty bill (just an example here, I hope that isn't true). But on second thought, is this even a problem? I mean, we don't consider it a problem to do other equally stupid things, and why? I'm not even going to list what they are in my opinion because the key concept here is: OPINION. It varies, it changes, it depends on too many factors. It's not my job to break these down.

Now, in the long run, in the "big picture", political coups and religious crusades and territorial battles are THE fuel for every good deed done by society. If we create something, it's because something else is destroyed. We overcompensate for the lack of one emotion by grasping on to another. Etc, etc, and etc.

Let's fight, let's kill, let's mutilate and humiliate and die because it gives our existance meaning. Think about it. I mean please, seriously, sit down and think about how it all works so damn well. Like a well oiled machine.
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